10 movies of 2010

Top 10 Movies in 2010

 Below are 10 movies that I think worth to watch of 2010.Of course they are my personal favorites.

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  1. Social Network

Social Network was a super popular movie in 2010. Sometimes it makes us feel it is a true and real story about Facebook start. Is that true?

Aaron Sorkin’s fleet script doesn’t skimp on rapier put-downs, but it’s shaped beautifully to make us feel the overwhelming loneliness of Mark Zuckerberg, both the odd basis of his success and the reason it rings so hollow.

2.Toy Story 3

It is one of the most classic animated movies. Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and it is the final, just want to say “Thanks” to this movie series. The final Toy Story is warm and sweet, touching.

3.How to Train Your Dragon

It wasn’t only Pixar who came up with the mainstream animated goods. DreamWorks triumphed too. How to Train Your Dragon is an amazing movie that can prove.


Love them or loathe them –no one can miss this movie in 2010. Watching Inception is a kind of must last year.

5.The King’s Speech

A solid movie, Oscars winner. To be honest, I like the supporting actor more than the best actor.

6.      A Prophet

The best prison film in years, this one builds and builds until the tension is almost unbearable. A Prophet easily strides across three languages and is the closest thing we’re going to get to a Godfather redux in our lifetime.


7.      127 Hours

Aron Ralston went hiking in the wilderness without telling anyone where he was going, and then, in a deep, narrow crevice, got his forearm trapped between a boulder and the canyon wall. He shouts for help, but who can hear?

For most of the film Danny Boyle deals with one location and one actor, James Franco. He preys on our own deep fear of being trapped somewhere and understanding that there doesn’t seem to be any way to escape. “It achieves the delicate task of showing an arm being cut through without ever quite showing it.


8.      True Grit

The Coen Brothers, at their best, possess a quite competence that’s simply unmatched. It is an occasionally violent film, an occasionally quiet film, but an extremely watchable film throughout. Where does it rank among the Coen’s films? Hard to say, it’s like pondering roses or success. You just find yourself wanting a little more.



9.      Flipped

Juli is in love with Bryce, why? She is a deep thinker, an individual and Bryce is superficial, just a pretty face who doesn’t want to appear different from his classmates. He goes along with what others say whether he agrees or not. But once again, we don’t know why. The conflict between the families is further shown when one day Bryce’s father looks out their front window and complains about the disarray of Juli’s family’s home. Then Bryce’s grandfather (played by John Mahoney) explains that the neighbors are renting the house and supporting a mentally retarded uncle. Not sure why this story line was introduced as it was unnecessary and disrespectful.


Black Swan

Everyone has admires Portman’s performance, and she won the best actress in last year’s Oscars. It seems just not appropriate to ignore this movie. At least, audience can watch the actress’ wonderful dance.


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