iPAD 2 vs Motorola Xoom vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tablets are very popular nowadays. Features that easy to carry, thin, light attract people’s eyes easily! However, besides the physical features, software and smart functions are the points that users care. Tables with google android operation system are popularly used in the newly tables by famous brands like Motorola and Samsung, Acer, etc. This passage will compare ipad 2, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab.All tables are available to play videos , generally can play mp4 formats videos smoothly with high quality!

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It is easy to find out that lots of Xoom’s and Galaxy Tab’s spec. are superior to iPad 2’s. Screens: lager, both xoom and galaxy have more pixels, are both 10.1 inches, and enjoy a resolution of 1280 x 800 resolution. Ipad 2’s is a lower 1024 x 768, which is a mild point of contention for some, but not all.

The Xoom’s cameras are better too. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 features an 8 megapixel rear camera, which really make it stand out from the rest.

Nonetheless, both Android tablets feature superior hardware. The iPad 2′s rear camera shoots 720p video like the Xoom, but the stills are of a lower resolution.

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iPad 2 is substantially lighter in the hand than the Motorola Xoom. Certainly the iPad 2 is an improvement over the original, and it is most certainly an appealing device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes much closer to matching the iPad 2 in weight and thickness, however, and is much better suited for those who value having the lightest tablet possible.



The real differentiators:

  • iPad 2 has no GPS, whereas the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 do
  • The iPad has no SD Card Slot, but the the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab do
  • The Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 likely have double the RAM of the iPad 2

The Motorola Xoom has USB, and HDMI, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has USB

The iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and more powerful than its predecessor — but does it offer enough of an improvement? It’s now 8.8mm thick, which is a significant increase in, er, thinness. Compare that to the Xoom, which is 13mm thick, and the Tab 10.1, at 11mm, and in terms of slenderness the iPad 2 is a clear winner.

Operation system:

Ipad : version 4.3 of Apple’s IOS software

All your apps are arranged in a grid, and you swipe across homescreens firing up programs as you see fit. Naturally you’ll also get access to iTunes and the App Store so you can download movies, music and games. Don’t underestimate the appeal of these virtual stores — the wealth of apps and things to download was one of the coolest things about the iPad, and a thriving app ecosystem will attract plenty of people this year too.

iOS is super-slick, even if it is quite restrictive — Apple forces all apps through an approval process, so sometimes you don’t get the apps you want as soon as you’d like them, or at all. There’s also a major downside to iOS — no Flash support.

Xoom: Moto tablet is running Android, Google’s mobile operating system. Android 3.0.

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Honeycomb brings dynamic widgets, a swoopy interface and a host of new features and integration of Google services, so if you rely on Gmail, Docs and Calendar, Honeycomb tablets are definitely something to look out for. Android in general is also more flexible, and lets you do a bit more tinkering, so it’s ideal for dedicated geeks.

The Xoom itself isn’t so flexible, however — it’s hefty, weighing a meaty 730g. That makes it the least portable tablet of the three.

The hardware of Motorola Xoom is faster but more importantly, the software is better suited for multitasking. If you are a fan of Honeycomb’s multitasking UI & notification system compared to the double-tap-home and passive notifications you get with the iPad 2 and iOS. You may be more productive with the Xoom than with the iPad 2 as a result.

But that extra weight has been put to good use — filling the Xoom with useful ports. As well as a standard headphone port you’ll get a micro-USB port for hooking the Xoom up to a computer, and a mini-HDMI port for exporting the tablet’s audio and video feeds to a hi-def telly. That’s super-useful if you’re going to be storing a lot of movies on your tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is also running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, so it’ll be very similar to the Xoom in the software stakes — expect widgets, Flash support and access to the Android Market, where you can download thousands of free apps, without Apple peeking over your shoulder checking you’re playing by the rules.

Which Tablet Is Best for Multimedia?

The answer depends, in part, on your shopping habits and on how you use your tablet. Android 3.0 on the Xoom is a terrific multimedia combination: HD movies look great in the widescreen aspect ratio, you get Flash support for online video, and Google’s redesigned music player is very appealing. On the other hand, Android 3.0 lacks a dedicated video player, so your videos get meshed into the Image Gallery.

Apple’s iPad requires iTunes syncing–a drawback considering the albatross that iTunes has become on the whole. But it’s fairly good for organizing and keeping track of your media, and if the files are in a supported format, you can add your own videos to the iTunes library. If you have an iPod or iPhone, and you shop at iTunes, the iPad is a no-brainer for its seamless integration with the iTunes Store (shown here). At the moment, Google lacks anything comparable, though I can imagine Google deciding to sell music (Google Music is already a reoccurring rumor) and videos through its Market.

The Galaxy Tab uses Samsung’s Media Hub to make music and video purchases, and to play them back. But Media Hub purchases are usable only with Samsung Media Hub devices, including Samsung mobile phones and televisions. Media Hub’s selection is growing, but it’s nowhere close to iTunes in depth.

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Which Tablet Is Best for Organizing Your Stuff?

No currently available tablet makes managing your files easy. But the Xoom is the best bet right now. You don’t get direct access to files and folders on the device, as you do in Microsoft Windows, but plenty of third-party apps will let you access files that are aboard the tablet (and when enabled, aboard the MicroSD card) in a standard folder view. You can download content from the Web browser, like a .zip file. And in the Google image gallery, you can view image info, crop it, and share it via Bluetooth. Meanwhile, organizing apps into home screens is simple, thanks to a split-screen approach that lets you select an app and drag it to your home screen of choice–all on the device.

Organizing apps on the iPad is tiresome, and you can forget accessing files stored on the device in order to reorganize, rename them, or do something with them. Apple has locked down the file system.

The Galaxy Tab lacks Android 3.0’s niceties for organizing apps, but it does offer various options for sharing files. The Galaxy Tab also shows you image information, and it lets you crop an image. An accompanying app called My Files lets you view a file/folder directory of your content; but this simple app is incapable of renaming or moving files.

It’s still too early to say which of these tablets is the definitive champ. If you want something for gaming, Web browsing and video chat, I strongly recommend the iPad 2 will prove extremely enjoyable to use.

If you want a tablet that’s more industrious and offers more in the way of ports and media options, however, the Xoom looks like it’ll be a good choice, but be wary that more portable tablets are available.

Finally, if you simply must have the slimmest, lightest gadget out there, we reckon the Tab 10.1 will be ideal for those who want to take their tablet out and about with them on whirlwind adventures.

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