Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition has been acquired by Google

Read news just now and know that Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition has been acquired by Google.

It is quite interesting to see a company to be aquired by another bigger or more powerful company,at capital at least.

I still remember android also a company which was aquired by Google several years too.

What we should wait for is another boom made by Google.

Technology makes our lives more and more convenient and more and more intesting.

Who can know we can enjoy so much fun through the invisual space 10years ago?

Fujitsu TH40-D-Convert DVD Movies to Fujitsu TH40-D Easily

Not sure if Fujitsu is as famous and having the good fame in US & Europe as inAsia. But I do have a good impression with this brand as I use its PC from last year:  Elegance, steady, beautiful shape…

As tablets are hit this year, how can Fujitsu miss this trend? Fujitsu announced its tablet : TH40-D would be released in May, but now we know it is delayed.

Some fans would think why Fujitsu still keeps windows 7 OS with the tablet, why not upgrading to the latest windows 8? Fujitsu delays the shipping date or it also is waiting for the latest window OS like us, too?

Who knows? That is interesting. We just keep looking forward.

According to what Fujitsu announced in May, we can know some specifications for this tablet:

  • Keyboard with 87 keys (Japanese layout, key stroke 1.4mm)
  • Atom Z670 (1.50GHz) CPU
  • Intel SM35 Express chip set
  • 1GB RAM
  • 120GB HDD
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 3.0+HS
  • 0.3MP web cam
  • Two USB 2.0 ports, one HDMI interface, one SD card slot
  • 6 hours battery life
  • Size: 274×188×17.4mm, weight: 1.1kg

Yes, a keyboard will be with the tablet, a thin slide-out. Laptop hybrid tablet has a screen 10.1-inch 1024 × 600 that can be quickly modified from the tablet form factor netbook devices. You may be reminded Asus Eee Transformer like me, right?

How to convert DVD movies to Fujitsu TH40-D,enjoy DVD movies freely on Fujitsu TH40-D any time?All you need is Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

Indeed there are similar i.e. Slider Samsung but a new hybrid tablet device running Windows 7 and powered by Intel Atom Processor Z760 1.5 GHz and integrated GMA 600 graphics subsystem.

It weighs just 1.1kg and still has a fairly slim profile of just 17.4mm, even with the addition of the full QWERTY keyboard. Its also fitted with a tiny trackpad positioned just to the right of the spacebar, capable of playing 1080p HD video, comes with 1GB of RAM, a 120GB 4200 rpm HDD, Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi and a 10.1” multitouch screen,

Wonder if TH40-D would supports video files and audio files playback or not but no results I can find. But that should not be a problem since it is considered to be one of the basic functions with tablets and multimedia players nowadays. Especially other competitors’ tablets can do so. The real problem should be how many kinds of video formats and audio formats can TH40-D play?

I guess video formats like .MP4, .AVI, MPEG, WMV , and audio formats like .MP3, WMA should be played in TH40-D.

Watching movies any time becomes easier than before with tablets nowadays. Just need to convert favorite DVD or blu-ray movies to the video formats acceptable by the tablets, and then freely enjoy movies on the move. With higher resolution, larger screen size, that is better enjoyment than with normal and low resolution portable MP4 players.

Top 10 Android Phones In July

We know there are so many android phones in the market now.Hope more and more,then price will come down!

Below is a list  for top 10 android phones in July for your kind ref.:(did you buy any of them?)

1. HTC Thunderbolt – Convert DVD Movies to HTC Thunderbolt easily

2.HTC EVO 4G Sprint

3. HTC Inspire

4.HTC Droid Incredible 2 – DVD to HTC Droid Incredible 2 Converter

5.Motorola Droid X

6.HTC DROID Incredible

7.Samsung Droid Charge

8.Motorola Droid

9.HTC EVO 3D – Rip DVD to HTC EVO 3D with high quality

10.Samsung Infuse 4G

HTC takes 6 of 10 in the list.We know HTC is powerful now in android phones ,but to be honest,do not know so powerful….


DVD to Toshiba Thrive (AT100) Tablet Converter

Toshiba AT100 has replaceable battery, also has a removable, rubberized back cover that can be bought in different colors. Behind that cover is a battery that can be replaced; making this the first tablet we’ve seen that allows users to carry an extra battery.

It is unique.

AT100 is running android 3.01 and should be upgraded later. It comes with 16GB internal storage, a 1GHz ARM 7 processor and 1GB RAM, 5MP rear and 2MP front cameras (with no flash on either).

AT100 feels hefty in comparison with some of the other tablets with a similar weight. The balance of its internal components made it feel heavier than models such as HP Touch and Motorola Xoom, which also weight 1.6 pounds.

Besides, it has some hardware weaknesses, including tinny speakers, a good but not outstanding display, and a bulky, heavy design.

However, some users also said that weight is not an issue with tablets. In fact, how long will you really hold the tablet for a day? Mostly should make it sit on your lap or chest in bed, using the cover/stand to prop up.


Removable battery, replaceable back cover

Sturdy design

SDXC Card slot, plus USB, HDMI, and mini-USB ports


Feels heavy, and stands thicker than most

Stereo speakers lack fullness, sound tinny

DVD to Toshiba Thrive (AT100) Converter

Any DVD Cloner Platinum is an all-in-one and powerful DVD converter for ripping DVD movies to Toshiba Thrive (AT100). Besides coping and burning DVD movies on hard drive or DVD-R or DVD-RW, Any DVD Cloner Platinum supports ripping DVD movies to portable devices such as android tablets and android phones, ipod, iphone, ipad and Toshiba Thrive (AT100).

How to convert DVD movies to Toshiba Thrive (AT100) easily?

All you need is Any DVD Cloner Platinum – Powerful DVD converter for ripping DVD to Toshiba Thrive (AT100)

1. Download Any DVD Cloner Platinum and install on computer

2. Insert DVD movies into DVD Burner

3. Choose Open Method

4. Open Source DVD

  • Note: It’s recommended to use Lowly Enhanced or Highly Enhanced Open Method which may help you to find the exact real main movie title from a list of potential fake titles in some latest DVD movies Choose Output Target

5. Choose “Classic” in “DVD Ripping” Column, you will see “MP4” will be set as the output video format

6. Click “Start” button to Start Converting

Convert/Rip/Play/Put DVD movies on HTC Salsa Freely

Overview of HTC Salsa – Decent power, impressive battery life and a good screen, plus Facebook button feature.

If you are afer a Facebook-focused phone, but for the decent battery life, the Salsa is still better than HTC ChaCha,

In short, The Salsa is adding a facebook button on a classic HTC phone. Letting you quickly upload entries to your Facebook wall at the touch of the button. If you are the sort of person who loves to share every element of your life, this tiny little button is likely to become your best friend.

The Salsa boasts a larger 3.4 inch screen, with a 480 x 320 pixel resolution. It is very much a mid Android handset. The 800MHz CPU is nippy enough most of the time, but there are moments of noticeable lag when you are involved in processor-intensive tasks.

The Salsa comes with a 5-megapixel camera that is capable of recording standard-def videos. Another feature with Salsa is the phone’s impressive battery life. The 1,520mAh power cell keeps the Salsa ticking over for much longer than most android handsets.

HTC Salsa supports video formats including: MPEG4, XviD, AVI, 3GP, 3G2

How to convert/rip/play/put/transfer DVD movies on HTC Salsa easily? All you need is Any DVD Cloner Platinum or Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac if you are Mac users.

Features of Any DVD Cloner Platinum:

 Any DVD  Cloner Platinum / Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac are easy to use DVD copy and DVD ripping software. They can help users to copy DVD movies on hard drive, or burn DVD movies to DVD, and rip DVD movies to MP4, MKV, AVI or MPEG videos. Users can choose to backup their favorite DVD movies on hard drive or directly rip DVD movies to their portable players such as HTC Salsa for playback and enjoy favorite DVD movies freely any time and any where.

How to convert/rip/play/put/transfer DVD movies on HTC Salsa easily?

Firstly, download Any DVD Cloner Platinum or Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac if you are Mac users;

Secondly, launch the program and insert DVD into the DVD burner;

Thirdly, select “Source” and “Target”;

Fourthly, go to “DVD Ripping” column, select “Classic” and “.mp4” format will be selected

Fifthly, click “More Settings” to set customized audio and video settings

Sixthly, click “Start” to begin the conversion.

After the output file is generated in “Target” folder, users just need to transfer the file to HTC Salsa and then users can enjoy the movies freely.

DVD to BlackBerry PlayBook Converter

Blackberry Playbook is one of the most popular tablets recently,besides Motorola Xoom,iPad 2,Samsung Galaxy Tab…

Overview of Blackberry Playbook:

“The BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet computer by Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian company that producesconsumer electronics, best known for the BlackBerry smartphone. The company indicated it would deliver the machine to enterprise customers and developers in October 2010, and release it to consumers in early 2011, putting it in direct competition with Apple’s iPad, iPad 2, and a slew of Android powered tablets. Also announced was a new operating system, the BlackBerry Tablet OS, based on QNX Neutrino, to run on the tablet. The device was released for general purchase in the United States on April 19, 2011, and early sales figures note that approximately fifty thousand (50,000) were sold on launch day, and some analysts estimate RIM to sell 500,000 units during their first fiscal quarter ending in May.”

———-From :wikipedia

If you have a Blackberry Playbook,and have a collection of DVD movies, you may want to enjoy your DVD movies on your BB playbook. Search in searching engine,then easy to see thousands of results,lots of them are DVD converter software with different brands,such as leavo, any-dvd-converter,any-video-converter,etc.

Actually,you can choose any of them as you like,it is your decision.But you may try different to see which is the most favorite one,including the interface,the buttons,the decrypt function,etc.You will follow your feelings.

Those software may not have special output “Blackberry Playbook” ,but they should be able to convert DVD movies ,even blu-ray movies to popular video formats, such as .AVI or .MP4 ,then users just need to transfer the converted files in Blackberry playbook,then can enjoy their favorite DVD movies.

That is the simple working rules for those DVD converter.

Therefore,if the basic working rule is almost the same,then users should pay attention to the DVD converter software you chose is designed with sufficient customized audio & video output settings or not.Such as the output video size,the audio codec,etc.Then even you have more players than Blackberry Playbook,the software still makes sense to you.

Just for your reference,Any DVD Cloner Platinum can convert DVD movies to Blackberry Playbook with hight quality , you can feel free to download it and you will know why I advised it to you.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc – Stylish,Slim,Stunning

Stylish, impossibly thin , curvy yet painfully thin design

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is stunning enough for the first impression. Gorgeous shape and large screen makes it impressive even for the first time.

This is a phone with everything you normally expect from Android – GPS, WiFi, sensors a-plenty, Bluetooth 2.1, 480 x 854 pixel screen with multi-touch, a 1GHz CPU, FM radio, digital compass and HDMI out. it’s an LED-backlit TFT LCD screen. This means that, although it doesn’t offer the eye-piercing brightness of an AMOLED display, it delivers more subdued, accurate colours. Very usable outdoors in direct light.

Turn the screen on, bright and sharp.Icons are clear and well defined thanks to Ericsson’s reality display technology, whatever that maybe, with nothing in the way of pixilation on show.


Solid-feeling 4.2-inch massive crystal-clear display fills much of the front of the phone. The 480×854-pixel screen doesn’t match the iPhone 4‘s 640×960-pixel display, but it’s still sharp and beautiful to look at.

 Compared to the 4-inch, 480×800-pixel Super AMOLED screen on the Google Nexus S, the Arc’s display looked noticeably sharper and clearer.

With the help of Sony’s Bravia Engine picture enhancement technology, the Arc’s LED backlit screen looks as stunning as any phone screen we’ve seen, including the iPhone 4’s Retina display.

SHAPE: Wafer-thin, curving, large

The handset itself is only marginally longer than the old HTC Desire-and slimmer.In fact, you get an HTC Desire HD-size screen in the body of a much smaller, slimmer phone. 9mm is the thickest part of the phone while only 8.7mm at the middle.With the curving design, it is easy to hold even the phone is quite large.

The back of the Xperia Arc is simple, with its curved case lending it quite an air of style. it sits nicely in your hand thanks to that curve and feels very ergonomic. The slot at the bottom is for the external speaker (next to the Sony Ericsson logo) and there’s the 8.1 megapixel camera at the other end with the flash. This phone will also do continual focus while you’re recording video, a great addition.

Buttons Distribution:

Sony Ericsson’s standard selection of three physical buttons – Back, Home and Menu

They’re thin and sit just at the bottom of the main screen. Below the angled bottom section you can just see the lanyard loop and microphone.

Buttons are solid silvery plastic, plus there is a piercing white light shining through the gaps between them to help guide your thumb in the dark.

Top of the phone:  a microHDMI output hidden behind a little dust stopper, Using this you can output your HD videos to TV and other equipment. It’s a fabulous screen on which to watch movies and also to browse photos; if you fancy watching on a bigger screen, the HDMI output lets you go large too.

Video formats that can be playable on Arc:MP4/H.263/H.264/WMV-How to convert DVD movies to Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc ?Try Any DVD Cloner Platinum/Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac

 Power button is recessed to stop accidental presses- so tiny it can be a little hard to find.

On the right is the microUSB connector for charging and syncing plus the volum up / down buttons and, way down in the bottom corner, the camera button.

It is a delicate camera key. Press and hold from anywhere in the phone to initiate the camera, then press down slightly to start focus.


May look gorgeous, but the plastic rear panel feels flimsy

The 3 buttons below the screen feel insubstantial

The phone is large, does not make much sense to have anything poking out of the side