My Favorite Album/Music/Singer/Songs

Sorry for the confusing title but what I am trying to wirte indeed include those favorites.You should have similar experience like mine:sometimes you will love a singer because of one piece of his/her song,but when you listen to one of his/her whole album,you found you only like that song,others are just so so.Sometimes you like a singer because of his/her image and the style,even though in fact he or she is not so talented.Sometimes you like a kind of music style just because of the style itself but that does not mean you will love all songs of this style.Who can confirm a piece of song is belong to only one music style,right?You can say that song should be pop,but he can say it is country music.

Just follw your mind and your feeling.Here I would like to tell my feeling and share with my readers.Welcome to disagree and let me know what you prefer and what you like.

I do not have long time experience in my music-listening career.I started to listen English songs from my high school ,but study was too heavy to find much time to listen at that time.When I was in my college,I have much time for my entertainment life so I heard and pay more attention to English songs and English movies.For me,I like listening pop music and country music.But I did not avoid other music,sometime when i listen to a song,I just know like it or not.You should be the same,right?

I still remember I had Taylor Swift’s first album in my MP3  before she became so popular,but to be honest,her first album is the best among all,of course,that is only my opinion.Taylor is very talent in music.That is no doubt.And she is so young.She may create more beautiful and attractive lyrics when she gets more life experience.

Do you know TC5?Yes,it is The Click Five.You maybe more familiar with the leading singer of the band Eric,but now it is Kyle.I love Jenny and I love the MV,too.When Kyle came to TC5,the album : Modern Minds and Pastime.

Similar to TC5,do you know Boys like Girls?As I know,they released 2 albums and both are great,I like them(I mean the albums).I do not know how they look like because that does not matter too much.I like their music.

Their music style is not only pop,but sorry to tell I did not remember what exactly the music style is.

I also noticed singers who released their own ablums after taking part in America Idol.Someone won the prize while someone didn’t.Actually,a prize is not so important since they all loves music and there are some fans would follow him or her and listen to his or her songs.That matters most.You can not ignor Kelly Clarkson,who is famous for her amazing voice,when she sings,she does not sing with her voice,but with her heart.listeners can feel about that.I love Because of you,since you’ve been gone,behind your hazal eyes…I still look forward to her future albums,too.

You should hear a song named “Bubble”,it is Colbie Caillat’s first hit song.The first album of Colbie is named “CoCo”,that is the only album of all songs I love,every song in this album is amazing and I of course look forward to her lately album,too.

As I know,not only Colbie,TC5 also will release their the 3rd album in July this year.


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