iPhone 5 – What are your expectations?

The new iPhone 5 is probably the most expected product in 2011. People can’t wait to see just how the iPhone 5 features differ from the other Apple iPhones we got used to. Even though Apple is always the last party to tell the public what iphone will look like,but rumors are everywhere about iPhone 5 after iphone 4 was released.

I read some news that told most of current android users plan to buy an iphone 5 when it is available.Even most of current iphone 4 users also plan to buy an iphone 5 just like what they did previously:they bought iphone 4 even their iphone 3 worked well at that time.We know that it is not the functions or needs problem,but a “want” problem.

Another piece of rumors said:AT&T gets ready to welcome iphone 5 released in October.Previous news said iPhone 5 will be released in late September or October.But we all know that the releasing date is not a problem,fans will buy it when it is available.

In my opinion,there will not too many differences between iPhone 5 and iphone 4 or previous iphone modes very much,as this handset is designed and released by Apple and should remain the may features,which make it as an iPhone handset.But those features can be turning to be better or more advanced to some degree.Such as the camera can be made with higher resolution.The screen maybe larger,etc.

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It is said that (of course rumors again)the “Home”key will be changed,too.iPhone 5 will be thinner than iphone4,too.Makes it more beautiful and makes it more like an art?

Here I want to ask:Will Apple release Black and White version at the same time?I like White more…but,how about if iPhone 5 is without color,if it is an invisible design?Interesting and I do look forward to.

There are a few secrets that have been revealed referred to some of the iPhone 5 features. However, it is not know whether they are fact or fiction yet. Below are the features that summarized from rumors for iPhone 5,just for your reference,we will see they are real or not:

 iPhone 5 will probably be more practical, as people who got accustomed to the old-style keyboard will finally have one on the iPhone 5.

Another thing that will make the iPhone 5 really innovate smart phones is the fact that it will probably have both a 4G network and iCloud. If you don’t really know what the latter is, you should know that it is related to cloud computing. Quite interesting for a cell phone! Then there are people who wanted a better camera in the new iPhone 5. As rumors say, they will probably have it! Eight megapixels are predicted by most people, but more optimistic ones even wish for a 12 megapixel camera. This would all be great, but will it actually be one of the iPhone 5 features or not?