Film Review: Up

Up is just one of the best animation movies we know.But it is the first animation movie that I am willinig to watch it more than one time.

It is a simple story ,simple enough to make me cry or my eyes would be full of tears.Carl and his wife story begins from their childhood.Their faith of adventure starts when they are kids.Ellie has a dream,go to a house nearby a fall.

Adventure is out there.

But life is there ,too.When Carl and Ellie they grow up and they got married.Ellie is passed away because of sick and Carl is old and lonely.They can not make their adventure dream true before Ellie died.Carl is asked to move to a new place and he can not refuse anymore.

The last nigh at their house ,Carl found their album of their childhood memory.Suddenly,he feels that it is not too late to make their adventure dream come true,he should do that for Ellie,and for himself.Carl is 78 years old when he decided to make their dream come true.

It is never too late to try to make your dream come true with your best.

So Carl tied thousands of  balloons to the house.And I do not know the possibility but in the movie,the house is flying with those thousands of balloons.Carl is flying in the sky with the house,also another lovely character: a kid named Russel is in the house,too.Out of Carl’s expectations.

Carl has a friend to make his and Ellie’s dream true.

Russel is a boy who likes to talk and talk all the time but a lovely ,a little fatty,nice,brave enough kid.

Carl has to agree Russel’s naughty and “nosy”,when they met the precious species:a big bird but does not how to fly:Kevin (named by Russel),try to carry the flying house to the destination-house nearby the fall,etc.

It is not suprised when we found that Carl and Russel become good friends during this journey.They overcame the difficulties,they trust each other and they fought the bad guys together.

Happy ending.

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