Will iPhone 5 Come in 2011?

Rumors ,rumors and rumors said Apple will release iphone 5 in October.But it may be not anymore.T-Mobile CMO said they will not have iphone 5 this year.In other words,iphone 5 will not come this year?Or only T-Mobile but not others?

Waiting another rumors······


HK Apple Store will open on 24th September

Apple Inc. is planning to open its first store in Hong Kong this month on 24th, as it seeks to capture a greater share of the booming Asian market.

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Apple’s products are famous for themselves.Why say so?You should know everytime a new product is released,lots of fans take their camp and wait in front of the retailors,just hope to buy the new product as soon as possible.

Rumors said that iPhone 5 will be released in October.No matter it is true or not,but iphone 5 will come finally one day.

For Chinese,it is a great news to know that Apple will open a store in HK soon.The price of Apple products will be much lower in the store.

Look forward to this new store.

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Apple released lots of products,which are some kind of milestone ones,too.Such as iphone, imac, apple tv,ipad and ipad 2, ipod, etc.And the whole market is paying their attention to the upcoming new phone : iphone 5.

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