How to rip DVD to MP4 for Playback on Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon just released its all-new Kindle Fire recently,which broke through the Amazon Kindle’s previous tradition to only read eBooks.With its Wi-Fi connected,we can watch movies and TV shows online.But how about watching movies with no access to connect to Wi-Fi?For those who have kept a number of DVD collections will find that ripping DVD to MP4 is one of the best ways to save money.

What you need?You DVD movies, a Computer with DVD burner and a powerful DVD ripping software,here we have Any DVD Cloner Platinum:windows version and Mac version are available.

TIPS:Download Any DVD Cloner Platinum for windows      Download Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac 

Why Ripping DVD to MP4 for Amazon Kindle Fire?

  • Simplify entertainment on-the-go!Watch DVD movies everywhere as you goes with the all-new Kindle Fire.
  • Saves money for you! The Kindle Fire videos converted from DVDs can be playback on Kindle Fire without having to buy then again.
  • Backup your DVD home movies and DVD collections to the computer! You will never worry about getting your DVD disc lost, scratched or broken.
How to rip DVD to MP4 for playback on Amazon Kindle Fire?
1.Download the handy DVD to Kindle Fire ConverterAny DVD Cloner Platinum windows version or Mac version
2.Insert the DVD into DVD burner,select correct path for “Source” and choose a folder with sufficient space as “Target” folder to save the output video file
3.Launch the program and go to “DVD Ripping” column,select “Classic”,MP4 will be selected by default
4.Click “More Settings” if you need to customize video, audio and picture parameters for output file
5.Click “Start” button to begin the conversion
Wait for a while,the process will finish.And you can transfer the video file to your kindle fire and watch the movie freely.





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