What are your keywords of 2011?

When a year has gone and a new year is on,  easy to recall my sensitive feelings, like what I have done in the past year and what I am looking forward to the coming year.If 2012 is the last year we could have, what will come to first into your mind and you hope to finish it at once? Is the bravery with you only when we are pushed to face the end of the world?

What do you still remember in 2011? Which words will come to your mind? I find when memories will stay in long time ago but not recently. Am I getting old now? Memories are getting old.

When I talk 2011 with my friends, “3 idiots, transformers 3, pirates 4, milk, gain weight, exercise” will come to my mind. Everyone loves movies, so am I. 3 idiots is not a up-to-date movie but I just watched it at the end of 2011. I also make backup for it with DVDSmith Movie Backup on my laptop hard drive in case the Blu-ray gets damaged in the future, I hope to share it with my friends, and my families. Why it is the first word comes to my mind? I will tell you later in this post with more details and if you missed this movie, hope you can purchase the DVD or blu-ray at amazon.com, both versions are available at the online shop now.

Transformers 3 I went to the theater to watched it with my friend, just like what I did for Transformers 1 and Transformers 2. Even the charming Megan Fox is not in the movie this time, but I like the great transformers. I do not care if the movie itself has a great plot or not, the new actress is charming enough or not, I like Shia and transformers “performance”.

Pirates 4 I also went to the theater and I would like to showed my support to the brilliant actor: Johnny Depp. I still remember I love his “Charlie and his Chocolate Factory” when I was a little girl.  He is talented to act different characters but with total different feelings to audience.  I have to admit that Pirates 4 is not as good as the previous 3 but that is ok, Depp is there and fans are there.

Milk, a good thing to improve your health condition. Milk plays an important role in my 2011 life.

I also gaining much weight in 2011, that is not a good thing but I have to face the fact and I should try my best to lose some weight in 2012.

Exercise, that is what I did not do much in 2011, so I gain weight. Exercise should be the 1st keyword in my 2012 year schedule.

OK, let’s talk about the most favorite movie – 3 idiots.

I found some information in wikipedia that 3 idiots has been released in US and GB in 2009 but was not released in China until December 2011.  And it is still popular in the internet now. I smiled and I cried when I watched the movie. They were called “idiots” by the leader of the engineering leader, because they do not like other students : work hard and turn to be a successful engineers and should not say a “No” to professors or the systems or rules. Follow what professors tell you and read books.

Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad “Rancho” (Aamir Khan) are roommates and good friends. Rancho helps and encourage Farhan to be a photographer and asks Raju to follow his heart, not to be fear of moving forward.  Rancho makes use of his passion of machine and so he can get the first grade even he does not read the unchanging words in the books. And the funniest part I thought is that he helps Pia’s sister Mona to give birth to her baby in a raining and out-of-electricity night at school’s ping-pong table.  With all students’ help, finally the baby is able to survive with Rancho’s classic saying “All is Well”.


I like the movie because

1. Farhan presents a type of people: afraid to say “no” to others even he knows he has his way to go. Tell them what you like and what you hope to do, communication is the best tool to connect you and the people who love you. Life can not be again if we do not enjoy it at the beginning.

2. Raju presents a type of people: born in a unlucky family and hope to earn much money for the family, and stress caused. Raju fears everything in this life and he chose to kill himself one time when Virus asked him to choose the letter to his family or Rancho. Raju feels desperated and chose to kill himself.

3. Rancho is smart, and love science but he is creative, too. Learning should be happy, everyone should follow his heart and learn what he wants to learn. Not just go to the way that fathers tell.

This movie is not a comedy but also means something to us, especially those feel confused in life, feel disappointed to himself or others.  And I really really hope I can have their friendship.

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