Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you could find some useful information here and hope you have fun!

Something  I would like to tell you so you could know me and my blog better

What is my name? My name is Carey, and the blog’s name is Careylili.

Why open the blog? List DVDSmith and Anvsoft multimedia backup software . Such as DVD cloner, DVD ripper, DVD converter, both for windows and Mac users.  I am a movie-lover, so sometimes you can see I also write some movie reviews, too.  My movie reviews may not be professional or all-around enough, but I would like to tell my feeling about the movie and you know, we have different life experience, and we have to agree to disagree.  You can tell me your different ideas, too.

My most favorite movie is Amilie

My most favorite book is not be considered yet…

My most favorite food is my mom’s cooking, all are delicious! Thanks Mom and I love you always!

My most favorite sport is walking

My most favorite song is Someone like you by Adele

My most favorite singer is not only but but many, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Colbie Caillat…

My pet is a cat and it is 16 years old, it is a very lovely cat, I love it very much and I think it loves me very much, too

DVDSmith Website  for DVDSmith Movie DVD Backup Freeware

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