5 Tips to Learn Chinese Easier

Easy to see the number of people who learn Chinese is increasing every year.It is not easy to learn Chinese as it is considered to be the most difficult language to learn in the world.

However,there are some tips that can make it easier and more efficient.Here are 5 tips that I summarize.

First:Try to watch Chinese Movies or Chinese TV programs as many as possible.No matter rip DVD Movies/Blu-ray Movies to video formats,so to watch them on your portable devices such as tablets or mobile phones or mp4 players.Try your best to watch Chinese programs as many as possible.

In this way, you can improve your listening and speaking of Chinese in a basic way.No need to push yourself to know each word but try your best to know what they are talking about.

Second:Read some books in Chinese.At the beginning,you may read some books for kids.Basic expressions with pingyin that helps you to pronounce and increase the amount of Chinese words you know.

Third:Try to make some chinese friends.Of course,both of you may know the other’s language more or less,otherwise,hard to communicate at all.

Fourth:Keep writing diary in Chinese.Write whatever you want to record everyday on a special book.Do not know how to write some specific words,leave there with pingyin,then check them out with your XinHua Dictionary.Then pratice them,like copying them 10 times on another book.

Last but not the least:When you find yourself know some Chinese,is able to communicate with Chinese basically(do not forget we know and understand a language:the body language),and you can afford a trip:brave enough to travel to China in a vacation,live there for sometime,greate improvement will be made if you can open yourself to your Chinese friends,Chinese neighbours,Chinese environment.