Film Review: Beastly- DVD&blu-ray Released on 28th June

DVD and blu-ray of BEASTLY will be released in a week on 28th June,how to rip the movie to your ipad easily?

Opens: March 4 (CBS Films)
CBS Films present a Storefront Pictures production
Cast: Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer, Mary-Kate Olsen, Peter Krause, LisaGay Hamilton, Dakota Johnson, Erik Knudsen, Neil Patrick Harris
Director/screenwriter: Daniel Barnz
Based on the novel by: Alex Flinn
Producer: Susan Kartsonis
Executive producers: Roz Weisberg, Michael Flynn
Director of photography: Mandy Walker
Production designer: Rusty Smith
Music: Marcelo Zarvos
Costume designer: Suttirat Larlarb
Editor: Thomas J. Nordberg
Rated PG-13, 86 minutes

Opening with large advertisement boards in the street that are with half-naked image, Beastly implies what is “good looking” and what basic rules of “beauty” of modern people nowadays.

Kyle is a rude and good-looking, worthy, insufferable cocky and self-centered teenager, which is the perfect mix for a popular bully at his high school. And audience will be easy to find out that some scenes are taken especially for Kyle’s muscles and attractive body shape at the opening and when he becomes a “beast”.

Kyle did not form his wonderful personality out of thin air. His father is distant but leaves the stench of arrogance wherever he goes, and has a similar distaste for ugly people. Yet Lindy, who is Kyle’s opponent for the Green Council, finds something to admire about his personality.When the witch Kendra taunts Kyle for his cruel ways, he fires back with his own trickery

However, everything comes crashing down when Kendra casts a spell on Kyle: he only has a year to find a girl who will say“I love you” to his unlovely face or he will be forever beastly. His immediate response is to go into hiding in a luxury condo-hideout provided by his father (Peter Krause) who, as a narcissistic broadcast journalist, shares his son’s distaste for unattractive people so can’t wait to eliminate his son from his life.

He gains courage and starts to form selfless tendencies. When the attractive yet unpopular classmate Lindy has problems of her own, he strikes a deal to take her in and protect her.

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Kyle tries his best to please Lindy. One day, Kyle decided to show his real appearance to Lindy and Lindy did not feel fear or looked down upon of Kyle’s beastly look. Kyle feels very happy.

Building a greenhouse of roses for Lindy, taking Lindy to the lake house, reading a poem with Lindy in the greenhouse, those make the movie romantic and sweet.

At the minute a year is coming and Kyle is not to fear to be a beast, Lindy say “I love you” to Kyle and Kyle turns to his original look. Kyle told what happened to Lindy and no doubt that they fall in love.

Each movie has its value. And there are some audience would like the movie while others don’t.

 I like the cast of the movie.Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa are good looking, Olsen has serious sex appeal,too!No too-bad evil in this movie and the only enemy in the movie is “yourself” to Kyle: How to change inner side of himself.

I like the soundtrack of the movie, too! The soundtrack is sometimes better than the movie itself in some scenes.The time is not too long and good enough to perform the simple story.No more than 90 minutes movie time is appropriate for this simple movie, good to watch in a comfortable weekend afternoon.

How about the bad sides?

Just for my personal opinions, I think Alex’s performance can be better when he earns more experience in movies. At least, he can have more different expressions on his good looking and young face. Let audience feel what the character wants to show from heart. Lots of audience should watch his I AM NUMBER FOUR, and just make people feel he is not different in those 2 movies.

I know Vanessa from High School Musical, I like her voice and regret that there is not proper scenes for her to sing a song in this movie. Not much lines for Lindy in the movie, at least, her smiles are warm enough and lovely.The blind tutor Will is a comedy character in this movie. I feel similar feeling of “Barney” from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: humorous.

Beastly is not an up-to-date movie, it has been released on March. Since the DVD and blu-ray will be released in one week, so here is a briefly review for you.