Family Communication Skills

Did you have  a nice weekend?I hope so.But I did not have a nice weekend.Something happend between my mother and I.

I did not mean to make her unhappy but sometimes I just feel dispointed that she treats me like a child and I do not like her words to me.

I know I am sensitive,maybe sometimes just too sensitive.But that is me.I am sensitive and I am emotional so that I can feel my mother’s feelings and I care her very much.I know that is not enough,how to communicate well with her,how to communicate with our families?We need some skills.

Firstly:Be simple. No need to be complicated with your families.Families are understanding to each other from the nature.When wanna talk to your families what you met in school or at work,happy or unhappy,just ask them available or not,and hope they can sit down and listen to you.You also should be patient to listen to your families when you can.Even you do not have time,you should tell them why.

Secondly:Understand that everyone has temper.No one can be perfect in the world.Even the wiser is born with his temper,maybe the bad temper,too. Please make yourself understand this and try to undertand your families,your mother, your daughter,your father,or your brother suddenly unhappy and speak out impolite words.They did not mean that and try your best to help them to solve the problem or difficulties they are meeting.It is not easy because people are not tend to fogive others easily even they like to have others’ forgiveness always.

Thirdly:Have a family meeting regularyly.In a weekend night or anytime families are available.Talking something interesting,difficult,hard,easy,funny,humourous,talking with eating some food,too.Just want to share each families experience with others.

Forthly:Finish a “job” together.Combination a furniture or make up your garden,cook a dish together,do some tidy work of the house,etc.Finish a “job” together,show your love to other families.Let them know you love them.Do not show your bad temper when you were unhappy with your work or social activities.You can talk or share your unhappy with your families in a polite way but try to never put your angry or nagative emotion to your innocent families.They are the one who are likely to listen and share your feeling, but not the ones who should bear your angry.Even they will not blame on you but you should not do that since that would do no good on your family feelings.

e.g:Watching a movie together is a great idea!

Fifthly,Being polite with your families.Never take all from your families for granted.We know that devoting is happier than demanding.You may have your own family,but your parents would always be the ones who love you most and you should cherish their love and try to be with them when they are getting older and older.Be patience to listen to them,be happy to do something together with them,love them and show your love to them,let them feel it and be happy with it.