TAIPEI Computex 2011-Landing On Innovation

The Computex in Taipei is a computer expo held annually at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. The first Computex expo held in 1981 started out as a place where small and medium sized businesses in Taiwan’s nascent computer industry could display their products.

This year TAIPEI Computex 2011 is held from 31st, May to 4th June.


As Taiwan’s information technology industry took off in the early 1990s, Computex has since rapidly expanded and become an important showcase for IT industry. Now it has become the second largest computer expo in the world (after CeBIT) and the largest in Asia, with participation from major manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, ATI, NVIDIA, and many others.

This year Guru3D will be attending the Computex in Taiwan,there are more than 10 thousands of new ICT products on display

Because of the large number of companies involved in the production of computer hardware in Taiwan, COMPUTEX has become a favorite location for observers hoping to get a preview of new hardware and trends in that field. From the always busy city of Taipei.


Differernt fans have different expects in the Computex.But there are 2 kinds of products that definitely will attract your eyes:Smarts  applications and tablets.Smartphones and tablets has showed their power outside the Computex already and no doubt that they will get their share of attention,especially the new modes and innovative modes in this year Computex.


Prototype ARM-based Windows 8 slates and smartbooks are coming out of the woodwork. Foxconn, Wistron and Quanta all unveiled early hardware for the new OS, with chips from Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA powering their live tiles — including NVIDIA’s upcoming Kal-El, which got both a tablet and a super-slim prototype notebook to call its own. Dell’s also got a XPS development station up on stage, which Microsoft used to demo the UI .

A Chinese company called Netcom is adding NFC capability to existing phones via microSD.Rather than relying on external add-ons that occupy ports, Netcom decided to fit NFC chips plus their antennas onto ordinary microSD cards, yet still managing to cram in up to 8GB of NAND memory at the same time. This sure sounds convenient, but will it be useful enough,need users to check and test and feedback.But it is an innovative and great thing.

No matter how powerful a kind of tech is,it is to make people’s lives more and more convenient.Thoughts like something that is impossible has become possible nowadays.