How to rip protected DVD TV show to mp4

For your favorite TV shows come to the final season, it may be not enough to watch them once. Want to watch them again? Then you have to purchase all seasons collection DVD box online or in supermarket. You also can rent DVDs from retailer with much cheaper price. Want to keep TV shows on computer from DVDs? Want to watch your favorite TV shows on portable devices/smartphones/TV? With Any DVD Cloner Platinum, you will keep them as long as you want.

TV shows DVDs released by studios are protected by various DVD copy protections like RCE, APS, CSS, UOP, ARccOS etc. Those copy protections prevents users to make copies from the original DVDs, you can only watch rented or purchased TV shows DVDs on DVD players. It is not very convenient as users may want to watch TV shows on TV/smartphones/portable devices without DVD discs. The program introduced here – Any DVD Cloner Platinum could help users to remove those annoying copy protections in a perfect and super fast way. Rips TV shows DVDs to MP4 without protections with 1:1 ratio. Video and audio quality would be the same to the source TV shows DVDs.

Below will show you how to convert the protected TV shows to MP4 on Windows or Mac with Any DVD Cloner Platinum:

Step 1. Download Any DVD Cloner Platinum and install it for free

Step 2. Insert TV show DVD into DVD drive, and click Open DVD to load DVD titles in the program

Step 3. Select “Normal” in “DVD Ripper panel and “MP4” will be selected as output format

Step 4. Select titles for ripping

Step 5. Customize video, audio and picture parameters by clicking “More Settings”, or just leave all settings as default

Step 6. Click Start to start ripping TV show to MP4

Note: 1). when ripping process completes, the MP4 file would be selected automatically in the popup folder. The folder directory can be changed by click “?”–>”Options”–>”Temporary Folder”. It is advised that select a folder with sufficient space as the generated video file can be saved without problems.

2). besides ripping TV shows DVDs to MP4, Any DVD Cloner Platinum also supports MKV and M4V as output formats. Click the drop-down button and you can find these video formats. M4V is generally used in Apple’s iDevices like iPod, iPad, iPad mini, iphone, etc.

3). Not only a DVD to video ripper, Any DVD Cloner Platinum is also a DVD backup tool, which can be used to backup DVD on hard drive as DVD Folder, ISO Image File; or copy DVD to blank DVD disc in 1:1 ratio, shrink DVD9 to DVD5.

DVD to iPhone Converter – All-in-one DVD copy and DVD ripping software – Any DVD Cloner Platinum

Wanna watch DVD on iPhone on the go? Try Any DVD Cloner Platinum – the powerful DVD ripping software for you to convert encrypted movie DVD to video formats including MP4, M4V and MKV. Easy operation and super fast ripping speed makes the program a better one in the market.

Any DVD Cloner Platinum could be used to convert DVD to different video formats with customized settings for video codec, audio codec and picture codec. That means you can convert DVD to any mobile devices with specific customized parameters settings.

You can make it with a few clicks!
1. Download the powerful DVD ripping software  from the website and install it on your PC ( notes: for Mac users, you may need Mac version)

2. Insert DVD into DVD burner and let your PC recognize it successfully, launch the program and click “Open DVD” to load DVD information in the software

any dvd cloner platinum dvd ripping interface

any dvd cloner platinum dvd ripping interface

3. Go to “DVD Ripper” section, and choose “iPhone” as output option, and then choose the titles you need to rip in the software. Otherwise the program selects the longest title of the DVD by default

4. Click “More Settings” then you can customize the parameters for video, audio and picture. Or you can just leave it by default.

5. Click “Start” button to begin the ripping process.

Four Tips for Backing Up Encrypted DVD Better

Do you like to order movie DVD online as you are too busy to go to the theater? You may collect lots of DVD on your locket. Some of them may be unusable suddenly if you do not use them or use them frequently.

This article is to teach you backup encrypted movie DVD with better ways. No worry, it does not cost you too much time or too much money. You just need a PC with DVD burner, a program named Any DVD Cloner Platinum and of course, you encrypted movie DVD.

Four  tips are: copy DVD on hard drive as DVD Folder, so you can watch them directly on your PC with some media player such as VLC or KMPlare or SMPlayer; copy DVD on hard drive as ISO Image File, which can be burned to blank DVD disc if you like in the future, with some burning software, and Any DVD Cloner Platinum can do so, too; burn DVD to blank DVD disc to keep some movie copies meanwhile, no worry if the source one is damaged all of sudden; convert DVD to video format and save on your PC hard drive or your flash drive or mobile phone or other mobile devices to watch on the go; last but not the least.

Which way is the best one for you? Any DVD Cloner Platinum can do all for you with super fast speed and the same quality to the original DVD. Why not have free trails right now?

Download Any DVD Cloner Platinum latest version and install it on your PC immediately.

After launching the program and you can see below interface of Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

  1. If want to copy DVD on hard drive as DVD Folder or ISO Image File, then just need to select “DVD Folder “ or “ISO Image File” in “Target” section, and you will be asked to select the folder in popup window to save the output file.
  2. If want to burn DVD to blank DVD disc with Any DVD Cloner Platinum, then you just need to choose the same DVD burner in “Target” and you will be asked to insert a blank DVD disc into the DVD burner once the copying process is done and the program need to start burning process.
  3. If you want to convert or rip your favorite movie DVD to videos like MP4, M4V or MKV, then you need to go to the DVD Ripper section and choose the output option you like for your mobile or just choose “Normal”, and change video codec in “Target Format”, and then you can start to rip your DVD to videos.

No matter you want to copy or burn or rip your favorite movie DVD, Any DVD Cloner Platinum can do them with a super fast speed and remain the same quality.

Now Any DVD Cloner Platinum is on sale with generous discount, only 39.95 USD and 10 USD is saved. Do not miss the opportunity to own such powerful and all-in-one DVD copier and DVD ripper software.

Did we tell you that the program can be upgraded to the latest version for free? Once you purchased the program, it is free to upgrade the current version to the latest version if a newer once is released. Besides, you always enjoy 19.95 USD to get Bundle (Any DVD Cloner Platinum + Any DVD Converter), please note that the bundle is 59.95 USD for sale!

Best DVD Copier and DVD Ripper – Any DVD Cloner Platinum

If you are a movie-lover, you definitely have your best DVD copier and DVD ripper software, could you tell me what it is? Mine is Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

I have used freeware like ImgBurn, DVDShrink, even paid ones like DVDFab, DVD-Cloner, but Any DVD Cloner Platinum is still my favorite and my best DVD copier and DVD ripper.

I tried to copy Super 8, The Help with Any DVD Cloner Platinum successfully ONLY! It just works perfectly with my newly purchased movie DVDs, not by others. Actually, I tried the evaluation version 3 times for 3 DVD copies, then I decided to order it immediately because of its perfect functions.

What Can Any DVD Cloner Platinum do for my encrypted movie DVD?

1. Copy DVD on hard drive as DVD folder, so I can watch the movie with VLC media player directly, convenient and easy!

2. Burn DVD to another blank DVD, DVD9 or DVD5 are both supportable. So I can send one to my friend when I find a great movie~! Nice gift, isn’t it?

3. Convert my favorite DVD to videos, like MP4, so i can watch it when I am out with my cellphone or iPad only. Have fun anytime and anywhere, that is what technology brings to us-convenient!

4. The cost is very low. Only 39.95 USD make me have an all-in-one DVD cloner and DVD ripper for my encrypted DVD movies. Wonderful!

I am not worry because the company and the website said they have 60-days money back guarantee ! That is awesome!

Where can you download Any DVD Cloner Platinum?  I was recommended by one of my friend, another user of Any DVD Cloner Platinum.

Where can you order Any DVD Cloner Platinum online safely? Easy to pay with whichever way you are convenient, paypal, credit card, etc. I paid with my Paypal~

I was advised that if I like to upgrade my Any DVD Cloner Platinum to the Bundle ( Any DVD Cloner Platinum + Any DVD Converter ( another powerful DVD Converter with YouTube Downloading function, that is fantastic!!!!) with only 19.95 USD, of course, DVDSmith support team will let you know the discount code if really like to upgrade from Any DVD Cloner Platinum to the Bundle one. I would think about that~~The price is really nice, the bundle is worth 59.95 USD, 40 USD is saved!


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And what is more important, please do not forget there is a FREE but powerful DVD backup software there for you all the time, free of charge but good enough for you to copy DVD movies on hard drive as DVD folder or ISO Image File. Then you can enjoy the movies with advanced media player such as VLC, etc.

What is that? That is DVD Movie Backup Freeware DVDSmith Movie Backup.

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