DVDSmith Release New Powerful DVD Cloner and DVD Ripper Software

DVDSmith released a new version of Any DVD Cloner Platinum – the powerful DVD cloner and DVD ripper software – version 1.1.7 is available for all users to download for free trial now! For Mac version, please refer to here.

Any DVD Cloner Platinum is a complete and versatile DVD cloner and DVD ripper. It enables users to convert or clone copy protected movie DVD in flexible ways. With convenient operation and easy-to-use, user-friendly interface, Any DVD Cloner Platinum earns great reputation among millions of user from 2005.

Wanna backup DVD on hard drive as DVD Folder or ISO Image File, then play on PC directly with media player software like VLC, Kmplayer? Wanna convert DVD to videos so you can watch the movies with your cell phones or tablets? Wanna keep your precious movie DVDs in a better way?  Any DVD Cloner Platinum can fix all problems for you!

As an all-around DVD decrypt software, Any DVD Cloner Platinum can decrypt and remove all copy protections including: CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, etc. This amazing DVD converter could be used to rip movie DVD to three different and commonly used video formats: MP4, MKV or M4V. Those three video formats could be played on all mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S, the new iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and all other android cell phones or android tablets. Watching your favorite movies with your handy devices anytime anywhere without limits!

What else could Any DVD Cloner Platinum bring to you? Main features of Any DVD Cloner Platinum are: clone DVD to DVD with four copy methods: whole movie, main movie, customized and 1:1 clone; burn DVD Folder or ISO Image File to blank DVD disc, if you have backed up some DVD files on hard drive, then you can make use of Any DVD Cloner Platinum to burn the file to blank DVD disc for DVD disk backup or create DVDs for your friends or families; copy DVD on hard drive as DVD Folder or ISO Image File, easy to backup DVD on hard drive for further usage or watch them on PC with VLC or KMPlayer, easy and free; convert encrypted DVD to MP4, M4V or MKV for playback on mobile devices.

In short, Any DVD Cloner Platinum helps you to make having fun in the most convenient way!

About DVDSmith Inc.

DVDSmith Inc. is a software development company working on video and DVD backup/conversion since 2005. Famous products including Any DVD Cloner Platinum, Any DVD Cloner, Any DVD Cloner Express and a powerful  freeware – DVDSmith Movie Backup. Millions of users all over the world have purchased DVDSmith Inc. software for their movie DVDs and videos conversion / backup.

Taking customers’ satisfaction as primary concern, DVDSmith Inc. has improved Any DVD Cloner Platinum latest version with new features, makes this one of the best DVD cloner and DVD ripper software ever better and more powerful. More newly released DVD movies with more advanced DVD copy protections can be decrypted and backed up with Any DVD Cloner Platinum latest version now.

50 FAQs let you know all about DVDSmith Software – Any DVD Cloner Platinum

Reading FAQs is one of the most efficient ways to know one product or service provided by a company. So as DVDSmith. We recently added 50 frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the website for visitors reference.

Check DVDSmith FAQ list right now!


Any DVD Cloner Platinum is the most powerful DVD backup software designed and released by DVDSmith, it is the most popular software among all programs with DVDSmith.

Users are very satisfied with Any DVD Cloner Platinum with its various and flexible  functions in DVD backup, DVD copy, DVD clone and DVD conversion. It enables users to keep and save their favorite protected DVD in different ways as per different needs.

That helps a lot so our users would love to come back to the website and upgrade Any DVD Cloner Platinum to the Bundle! Generous discount is offered!


Are you looking forwad to the new galaxy – Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 was disclosed a few days ago, with different expectations and rumors and the public wonder if Samsung can bring another trend to smart phone market and bring another success to Samsung itself both in profit and reputation?

And now, we know the answer clearly-“No”.

(Check how to rip encrypted DVD to videos for playback on Samsung Galaxy S3 easily! With Any DVD Cloner Platinum, you can quick and enjoy your movies with any portable devices on the go without limits!)

First of all, the appearance is not as lovely and attractive as that of S2. That disappoints those who are looking forward to the new smart phone for such as long time. The HOME button is too low and not easy to hold the handset well, easy to drop, that is not good. With a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen (yes, no “PLUS” here, it is another point to make S3 not as good as S2), Samsung Galaxy S3 looks much bigger than S2 (with a 4.3-inch HD Super AMOLED Plus screen).

4.3 is good enough, why bigger? For better enjoyment when watch videos on the go? Surf online to read news on the go easily? Don’t 4.3 is big enough? “Enough” is not enough in current android smart phone market. Samsung has Galaxy Note (5.3-inch)  and it is not listed in Cell phone column but as an independent term in Samsung official website under products category, that is interesting.

Secondly, S3 has blue version and white version(pebble blue and marble white), no black – the forever color trend again. Do you think it is a good idea? Anyway, the blue one is quite pretty. Not sure blue or white are good for male users.

Thirdly, no hardware surprise. I think Samsung focuses on software and good using experience more than before. Is that really important? A bigger screen is not enough. Faster, higher resolution are forever attraction. Do you think so?







Let’s see the full specs of Samsung Galaxy S3:


  • Enormous, gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p screen
  • Slick, lightweight design
  • Quad-core processor
  • Powerful Android operating system


  • TouchWiz interface has been occasionally confusing in the past
  • Likely to be very expensive

Even though S3 does not attractive much, its good features are plenty enough to make itself in the front position in android pack.  S3 may not surprise the public with the features, compared to other smartphones in current market? They are good enough. So, it would not be a problem for S3 to be listed in the top smartphone list.




The Best Breakup Movies for believing in yourself again

Valentine’s Day came and went and you may have a great day with your couple with a batch of roses or a box of chocolate in a romantic cover. Or you are experiencing a terrible breakup and the feelings like your heart can not beat again in a moment. We know that breakup hurts both parts and the sadness remains in hearts for a long time, or even after many years. Love comes with a simple eye sight and love goes away without a warning. Do you still believe in true love and are you still waiting for your Mr./Ms Right?

Below are some movies for breakup people who experience breakup hurts. They are movies about love and helps you to overcome the hurts and hopes you could find your true love soon!

How to backup DVD movies or rip DVD movies to video formats with a few clicks? All you need is a DVD cloner and DVD ripper software named Any DVD Cloner Platinum. The latest version of Any DVD Cloner Platinum is 1.1.5. Download and install for 3 times free trials right now!

Up – Never give up love (check my previous post by searching  “Film Review: Up”)

Up is an animation movie released by Disney in 2005. It is a simple story. Carl and Elly they met the other when they were kids and got married when then grew up. Elle passed away, and left Carl alone when they were old. Carl feels lonely and desperate and does not know what else he can do besides living in the same way to Elle is still alive. Carl decides to chase Elle and his dream and a kid named Russle joins in with Carl. Finally they succeeded.

I believe audience would be touched at the beginning of the movie, memories about Carl and Elle, how they met and know the other, then got married, got old and Elle passed away. Carl also makes up his mind to chase their dream because he loves Elle so much and wants to finishes the dream for Elle.

The movie tells us love can change someone and there is a love named True Love.

Titanic – Believe in love

Titanic is a classic movie and the first edition was released in 1997 and it has been the number 1 on the most profitable movies list until Avatar was released in 2009. Titanic 3D will be released in 2012. It is believed that the new version of the classic love story would make a hit again.

Titanic makes 2 superstars: Kate and Leonardo. Titanic also makes a long-lasting romantic love story.

Jack scarified himself to save Kate’s life. Love is the reason that caused Jack to have such brave and Kate loves Jack forever in the rest of her life.

Jack and Kate their love begins in the Titanic journey and ends when Titanic sank in the sea. Love continues even life is gone. Only love has such power.

The movie tells us love can encourage us to keep moving on for the one you love.

If Only –Cherish the love you have before it is too late

If Only is a love story about the guy chose to die for the girl to save the girl’s life in a car attack. The movie is a story because it makes the same day the same things come again and the actor can choose what to do for the girl.

Ian is a business man in London and Samantha is a student in music colleague. Ian loves Samantha very much but loves his career more.

At the first 30 minutes of the movie, is a day with nothing special except a car attack and the girl dies. The guy feels so sad and can’t fall asleep. A new day comes and he suddenly finds the girl sleeps there and all the same to yesterday, and seems only he knows. He decides to enjoy all with Samantha and chose to get on the cab with Samantha and gets ready to protect Samantha with his own life.

If Only is a beautiful story about true love but it is sad. “What if you could turn back time?”, sad to say that the fact is none of us can turn back time, sorrow and joy, come and go. That is just life.

The movie tells us that we should love and treasured the ones we love with our heart, it is too late to regret when the ones are gone.

Watching DVD Movies on Samsung Galaxy S2 or Samsung Galaxy Note

You know I am impressed very much by the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I wrote a few posts about this amazing smartphone in 2011 (oh~~~2012 now, and I did not say Happy new year to you yet……Sorry about that! Happy New Year and Hope you have a fantastic 2012 !).

In my opinion, I prefer to galaxy S2 than iphone 4 or iphone 4s. Why?

The bigger and outstanding screen is one of the reason and I like to say another important reason is that : samsung released pink version for galaxy s2. OMG and pink is the perfect color for most of female and no doubt that Samsung offers a color to female market and girls like to offer their money to samsung by return. What can be better than win-win?

BUT, yes, there is always a “but” when I said a paragraph of positive words, but if the degree of the pink of the phone can be purer.

At the end of 2011, Samsung also released another unbelievable smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note. I am not sure if there is anyone like to call it a tablet… but the manufacturer said it is a smartphone so we just call it smartphone.  I also wrote a post about it at that time. With a 5.3-inch screen, it would be a shame if you do not watch your favorite movies on it or record some videos in your daily life, making video calls, etc. Just try your best to make full use of the big screen and it worth. We know, the price can be very high when the product is so attractive.

Both Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Note have large screen size for video enjoyment. You just need to spend sometime ripping your favorite DVD movies to video formats like MP4, then transfer the video file to your samsung smartphone with your use cable and then you can enjoy your DVD movies on the move.

DVDSmith Inc. offers generous discount for all programs including DVD to samsung galaxy s2/note ripper – Any DVD Cloner Platinum is only 39.95 USD only!

Special articles for ripping DVD movies to Samsung Galaxy S2 and ripping DVD movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 


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