10 Movies for Father’s Day

How much do you know about Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother’s Day, the celebration honoring mothers.

In 1909, a Mother’s Day sermon at church inspiredSpokaneresident Sonora Smart-Dodd – one of six children being raised by a single dad – to honour her father.

She encouraged local churches to institute the first Father’s Day observance the next year, and the idea has since caught on.

10 Movies for Father’s Day – How to Convert DVD movies to media Players-IPAD  for your dear Father as present on Father’s Day?

1. Father of the Bride
A comedy about a dad who goes a little haywire in the midst of his only daughter planning her wedding and getting married. Perfect for the over-protective dad. This movie stars Steve Martin, Kimberley Payne Williams, Diane Keaton, Martin Short and Kieran Culkin and was released in the year 1991. A light-hearted entertainer, this amazing movie explores different issues that is associated with parenthood, family interaction, marriage etc. The movie manages successfully to capture the thoughts of a worried father.

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2. National Lampoon’s Vacation
A father takes his family on a cross-country summer vacation to “Wally World”. it is a traditional road-trip-from-Hell-with-the-family movie.Chevy Chase’s character drags his wife and two kids across the country in an effort to get to Wally World (an obvious Disney parody). Along the way, they have a slew of very entertaining troubles, including dead in-laws, pants-less walks through the desert, and a kidnapping. It is a classic comedy that dads are likely to love, especially before gearing up for this summer’s road trip vacation.

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3. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sergio Leone’s third part of the “Man with No Name” trilogy, this film easily stands alone and is arguably the best western ever made. Dads like westerns and dads like Clint Eastwood, so why not combine the two in one of the greatest films ever to grace the screen? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly features stunning visuals, phenomenal pacing, and one of the greatest characters in film history: Tuco. Every dad can go for a three-hour break in the old west with three famous gunslingers.

4. True Lies
Comedy and action! A father and husband lives a double life as an international spy to protect the country – and his family – from terrorists.

5. Mr. Mom
A great 80s comedy! A stay at home father cares for the kids and cleans the house while his wife is working in the opposite role as the bread winner.

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6. Parenthood
A comedy about the rigors and joys of parenting. Fun for the whole family.

7. The Pursuit of Happyness
A father falls on hard times, living in homeless shelters and eating in soup kitchens while trying to achieve his dreams. His son sticks by his side saying that he’ll be there for him no matter what happens.

8. Ransom
A suspense thriller you won’t want to miss! After his son is kidnapped, a gutsy father tries to negotiate with the captors to ensure his son comes home safely.

9. Taken
An action suspense flick you won’t want to miss. A “super dad” tries to rescue his daughter after she is abducted in a foreign country and sold into an underworld of drugs and slavery.

10. Three Men & A Baby
A comedy and a tear jerker! Three bachelor friends care for a baby left on their doorstep by one of their girlfriends.

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Apart from these movies, you can also see some more movie like Runaway Father, Father Figure, Dad, Oh! My Dad, The Incredibles, Lion King. These are some interesting, funny as well as suspense movies which you can watch and enjoy along with your Dad on this Father’s day or on any other lazy afternoon. All you need to do now is, simply arrange the CD or DVD of any of the movie listed above and plan for a great Father’s day idea such as inviting your near and dear ones for a special show. Enjoy your Father’s Day!