Backup Your Favorite TV Plays DVD Easily

I know that lots of new TV plays will be released in every season.Of course I can not watch all of them.But there are 2 I love to watch very much and I am so patient to follow them every year.

One is How I met you mother and the other is The big bang theory.

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How I met You Mother was introduced by one of my college tutor several years ago.To be honest,I do not like this play at the beginning but later,after watching a season,I feel I love this play.5 main characters they have such kind of sincere friendship.Not only humourous or funny but also sad stories such as Mashall’s Dad passed away.The central clue is that Ted is telling his 2 children how he met their mother.


The big bang theory,I like Penny,she is beautiful and she is the most normal person in the play.Sheldon is so cute.No matter how professional they said,that is not a problem,even though it is not possible for me to know their professional

knowledge,that is ok,too!Because I enjoy watching the funny play with their serious but funny lines and plots.The four guys are good at their study but poor in social lives.Penny is the girl who can let them know more common knowledge and make them be more normal in social.And the sparks are there.Audience laugh.

Look forward to the new season in September!