Rip Encrypted DVD to HTC One X – Easy and Quick

HTC One X was released on February 27, at MWC 2012. It is designed to be with every key feature that you can think of for high-end users. The best HD screen, quad core processors makes the phone run super fast, amazing camera and smart appearance makes HTC One X one of if not the best Smartphone on the market.

Many people may have been firstly deeply impressed by HTC One X for its 4.7-inch LCD 2 1280 x 720 pixel (720) screen (Samsung Galaxy S2 is 4.3-inch while Samsung Galaxy Note is 5.3-inch, the former is not big enough while the latter is too large to hold by hand) and a quad-core Tegra 3 chipset, plus possibly 32GB of internal storage capability and Beats audio effect, It is absolutely sure to watch HD movies smoothly with HTC One X on the go, making mobile phone users fascinated for it.

With such a big HD screen and superior sound effects benefited Beats, HTC One series has the absolute advantage for playback of HD movies on the go.  A problem comes: how to watch copy protected DVDs on HTC One X? All you need is a DVD to HTC One X Ripper and Any DVD Cloner Platinum is the one you should pick up.

Why Any DVD Cloner Platinum is the best DVD to HTC One X Ripper for you?

a)      Supports removing all kinds of DVD copy protections, free you from the annoying trouble during ripping

b)      Supports ripping all copy protected DVD to five different video formats, MP4 is included and that is supported by HTC One X

c)       The same output quality to the original DVD

d)      Customized output video frame as you like

Want to watch your favorite DVD movies with HTC One X? You can make it just with 4 steps!

How to rip DVD to HTC One X with a few clicks?

Step 1: Download DVD to HTC One X Ripper and install it on your PC

Step 2: Insert DVD to DVD drive and launch DVD to HTC One X Ripper, click “Open DVD” and DVD titles would be listed in the ripper, choose the titles that you need to rip and watch on HTC One X.

Step 3: Go to “DVD Ripper” operation panel, choose “Normal”.

Or you can change “Output Format”, choose the one that is supported by HTC One X, such as MP4.

Step 4: Click “Start”, DVD to HTC One X will start to rip DVD to HTC One X immediately.

When the ripping process completes, a window will popup and you can see the output video file, transfer the file to HTC One X, and you can watch movies without limits!

How to watch DVD Movies on HTC One X

HTC One X Spec:

Do you think HTC One X is a beautiful smartphone?

A 1.5GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, a 4.7-inch Super LCD2 display with 720p HD resolution, 32GB of internal storage, “25GB for 2 years from Dropbox,” 1GB of RAM, Google Wallet-compatible NFC support, what looks to be an amazing 8-megapixel camera with dual shutters and an f2.0 aperture, and so much more.

It has been a long time since HTC released smartphone. Now HTC has the amazing one to fight with Nokia’s latest smartphone.

The HTC One X was announced at MWC 2012 in Barcelona and is the flagship model of the the brand’s new One Series, which also comprises the HTC One S and HTC One V. The new handset sports a large 4.7-inch screen along with a Quad-core processor and NFC capability. We went hands-on for a closer look….

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Nokia 808 
There’s no hiding from the headline feature on Nokia’s freshly-minted 808 PureView – this phone has a scarcely believable 41MP camera resolution. Whether it’s any good as a phone is almost a moot point, because the Finns’ latest effort is at least as much about its lensmanship (and arguably more) than about its abilities as a conversational device.

The HTC One X features the maker’s usual unibody design, the edges of the phone have a glossy look and feel, while the back panel feels more silky to the touch.Along with the other two handsets in the new range, the HTC One X includes built-in Beats audio, as found on previous models such as the HTC Sensation XE and the HTC Sensation XL.

The HTC X has an impressively large screen, measuring in at 4.7-inch, putting it head-to-head with the likes of the HTC Titan and the LG Optimus 3D, in terms of screen size. The 8MP camera has been designed to boot up in just 0.7 seconds, while the autofocus is said to be faster than the blink of an eye at 0.2 seconds. The new camera also enables you to take pictures, while filming video – a simple but nifty trick.

The flash is also now more flexible, with several different levels of adjustment. There’s also a camera burst mode that continues to snap away as long as you hold down the camera button. The phone then automatically combines some of the pictures to get the best results.

What’s more, you’ll get 25GB of free Dropbox storage for two years, so that you can automatically upload your photos for safe storage.