Attracts You Or Not: iCloud – Still Need A PC ?

iCloud is a cloud service from Apple Inc. announced on June 6, 2011 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

iCloud is a free online desktop to view a desktop, run applications online and utilise free online storage space. With this free online operating system, you can browse the web as it supports all the available web browsers. The internet is a rich source of sharing and collaborations and thus iCloud is a perfectly fine free online computing environment for internet users.

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iCloud is not just free online storage. Instead, it lets you run virtual computer online. This makes it better than online storage alternatives like Dropbox, Mozy, and other online backup software.

The service allows users to store data such as music files and automatically sync between multiple devices such as iPhones, iPods and personal computers. It also replaces MobileMe, or can be considered as “upgrade” of MobileMe, acting as a server for email, contacts, calendars and other data.

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Apple website said iCloud “stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices — automatically. It’s the easiest way to manage your content. Because now you don’t have to”

Cloud could be the mythical iTunes streaming service, a possibility that is looking increasingly likely now that Apple has most of the major record labels signed up for it, in a space pioneered by Amazon and Google, which has no such deals. 

Even though Apple’s iCloud won’t launch until this fall, iPhone and iPadusers who are running the latest version of iOS, version 4.3, can try it out in beta right now.

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The beta version of iCloud is already built in to your App Store and iTunes Store apps on your device. It lets you view apps and songs you have already downloaded or purchased and add them to your device.

For example: If you download an app for your iPad, you can download it to your iPhone from iCloud without having to sync to your computer. Same goes with music.


What iCloud can do?

1. IOS updates over the air
2. All IOS devices should sync EVERYTHING to iCloud. Music, movies, pictures, documents, all MobileMe items, iPad settings and config, EVERYTHING.