Choose iPad mini as a Christmas Gift


iPad mini should be selected as the best Christmas gift to anyone.

Not just a 7.9-inch iPad 2 – Lovely, useful, more entertaining and more fun

iPad mini is with a 7.9-inch screen and it has almost the same features including the same core, display resolution, etc to iPad 2. Therefore, all apps in App store can run successfully and are compatible very well in iPad mini, looks the same in iPad 2. But in a small size.

With a smaller size, iPad mini is so easy to be held with one hand. It is thinner and lighter. Convenient to read emails and read news on the go to work. Quick to take out or put into your handbag, even in your coat’s pocket.


It seems the mini version is designed especially for kids and females, lovely design and light size, how do not love this gadget? Kids can use it for playing games, females can use it to read fashion magazines, log in pinterest update or share images with others anytime, even male users can use iPad mini for business on the go or read newspapers. With more than 250,000 apps from App Store, you can make your life more entertaining and easy to have fun!

Not that expensive – iOS, Apple fans, experience Apple’s amazing and creative product

From 329 USD to 659 USD, you can choose the one that meet your needs. 329 USD is much expensive than other 7-inch tablets, but Apple’s creative and amazing design and iOS system would convince you that iPad mini worth that much.



Compared to iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad with Retina Display, iPad mini is with basic configuration so the price is much lower that other three iPad modes.

Not with the latest hardware, but perfect enough as the first tablet – thin, smart, light

iPad mini is not assembled with the latest hardware from Apple, but the same ones to iPad 2. That does not matter if you purchase it as a gift to your friend/family, even to yourself. It is a very decent present and make much sense to those who own the first tablet. Even those who own and use iPad 2, would feel iPad mini is a good one to have and do not like to get rid from hand in daily life. Just like a B5 magazine.

iPad mini does not earn much positive comments when it was announced or released for sale. But that does not influence iPad mini is sold in a positive even good way. Apple has to increase its order for Christmas. Would you buy one for this Christmas?

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iPad mini vs iPad with Retina display or iPad 2 is still the one you will choose?

The new iPad is removed from Apple website. Clear to see that Apple like to sale its latest iPad modes: iPad mini and iPad with Retina display to more people than the last generation.

Below is a comparison chart of iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad with Retina display.

Which one should you choose? iPad 2, iPad mini or iPad with Retina display?

In my opinion, it depends on what you need: how long do you need to use with iPad, what you do with iPad.

To have fun, playing games, surfing website pages, then iPad 2 is good enough for you and the price is very reasonable compared with other two ipad modes.

To edit video and images or your business tablet, you may need a faster and better resolution iPad, iPad with Retinal display should be your choice.

iPad mini will be the best tablet to your female friends or families as it is so convenient to be held with one hand and it is with a slim shape.