iPhone 5 vs Galaxy s3 vs iPhone 4S / Lumia 920


No doubt that iPhone 5 will become the most popular cell phone we will talk about. Till now, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 are counted as the most ultimate cellphone we can talk about. Above sheet is a brief but key comparison for those who can read and help to decide!

Seven key features for iPhone 5 and actually, we can find previous leaking information are correct. Therefore, we do not have much surprise about this new iPhone…Anyway, can not deny it is a great cellphone, just a little boring.

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Key note for iPhone 5:

4-inch 326ppi retina screen
lightest iphone
A6 chip
8 million carema and supports 1080P video recorder
4G LTE network
8-pin connector
iOS 6

iPhone 5 is finally told and confirm previous rumours are proved they are true. This new iPhone is still with extraordinary and unique features including 4-inch and higher resolution screen, new and faster A6 chip, supports LTE network with amazing downloading speed, lighter and thinner in design and weight.

Errrr…how to say? Yes, it is completely an extraordinary product again from Apple .Inc. also it is utterly boring. Not that surprised, not that creative, compared to that time when iPhone 4 was introduced.

Anyway, iPhone 5 will be sold in a good way still as it is still a fantastic cell phone with extraordinary and unique and much better features than any other mobile phones.


Will you buy iphone 4s?

Do you think iphone 4S is more than an iphone 4S,but really “for Steve”?

Will you buy one as a kind of memory for the most creative person in the world?

iPhone 4S is not a different iphone ,and in fact,it has too much similarities to iphone 4.Apple fans are down when they watched the press held on 4th.October.

But,after a week, we can see the pre orders are happy enough.

So,why on one hand,the public feel disappointed about the iphone 4s, but on the other hand,there is a lot of people love to buy one?

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We need to know the differences between iphone 4S and iphone4:

The major difference is the processor, camera, bit a better battery life. You need to decide, if you need to go for an upgrade or wait for the iPhone 5, which could have a different size, weight, thinner, wider screen, etc.

Will you buy it or just wait for sometime for the better iphone 5?