What Is Your Understanding of “Fashion”?

Hard to deny the fashion trend made or created by fashion designers nowadays, since everyday or every fashion week ,sexy and charming models and the famous deisngers they attract all fashion-followers all over the world.

Different colours will be set as the main and popular or fashionable colour every year, sometimes it is purple,sometime is yellow,some times…

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But also can not deny that trends go and come back.Sometimes we called that “classic”.

First of all:In my opinion,I think fashion should be something that firstly suitable to yourself.

No need to put all so-called fashionabl things on your body even they are totally not good-looking on your shape.

If do not experienced in wearing a high-heel shoes,even a really beautiful shoes,you should get rid of it and choose ones that comfortable and fit to your shape and wearing style.

Most people pay attention to fashion in small doses which is a very healthy way to approach it. They make sure wardrobes are in step with the times and even indulge in a trend or two each season.

But that is not enough.Once the trends pass,what will you deal with your old-fashion clothes?

The clothes that are presented at the fashion shows are often exaggerations of a theme. Some designers such as John Galliano (Christian Dior) go to great lengths to present extravagant looks that no one in their right mind would wear on the street.Simply follow what desingers design is not wise enough.

These collections are part marketing (to grab media and consumer interest in a designer line) and part artistic expression.

Secondly:I think fashion is someting unique only on yourself. Not you wear the clothes, but let the clothes wore on your body make you more charming and UNIQUE!That is your fashion.

Thirdly:Try to buy clothes that are easy to mix and match

Consider from the environment protection.If your clothes can be used to mix and match with other clothes on your wardrobe,that would be amazing and cost-saving.

I also pay attention to the material of the clothes I plan to purchase,too.The material should be comformatble enough and would not harm my skin.In summer, I tend to buy cloths made in cotton.