How to Rip DVD Movies to MP4 For Apple TV With High Quality

Some one asked me which format is the best one for playback on Apple TV via iTunes,I searched and confirmed that MPEG-4 is the best one,especially with h.264.

What is Apple TV?More details can be refer to here:

Ripping DVD or blu-ray movies to MP4 for Playback on Apple TV With HIGH QUALITY.

In short,theApple TV is a simple, compact — 1.1 inches tall, 7.7 inches wide, and 7.7 inches deep — “set top box” that makes it possible to wirelessly “stream” iTunes content — “music, audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies” — from as many as five Macs or PCs to an enhanced-definition or high-definition TV (and as of January 15, 2008, rent movies directly). It officially works with EDTV or HDTV sets with HDMI or component video and audio ports, but it also works with a limited number of SDTV sets.

With such a good multimedia player, it would be a shame if do not make use of it fully,for example, watching your favorite DVD movies or Blu-ray movies with it.

And the problem is :How to rip your favorite DVD movies or blu-ray movies to MP4 with high quality and for playback on Apple TV?

Here is one easy-to-use blu-ray and DVD ripping software you should have a try, you will feel it is so easy to rip your favorite movies with high quality to MP4 with super high speed.

What is that amazing ripping software?Its name is Any Blu-ray Copy.

Video formats supported by Apple TV:

MPEG-4: up to 640 by 480, 30 fps, Simple Profile.
H.264: 640 by 480, 30 fps, LC version of Baseline Profile;
320 by 240, 30 fps, Baseline profile up to Level 1.3;
1280 by 720, 24 fps, Progressive Main Profile;
The videos purchased from iTunes(.m4v)store are supported.

How to use Any Blu-ray Copy-the powerful DVD and Blu-ray to Apple TV Ripper?

1.After installing Any Blu-ray Copy on your computer,launch it and insert your DVD or blu-ray disc into burner.Click “Load BD/DVD” button and choose the burner path in the popup window ,then wait for Any blu-ray Copy loading the files.

2.If want to convert video files from hard drive to popular video formats, then directly click “Add” button to select the video file from hard drive in the popup window.

Select the chapters you want to convert, and select the output format and output path.Output format is the video you want to convert to,and output path is the folder for saving the output file on your computer.

Users can customized the output file video and audio parameters,too.

3.Click “Convert” button to start the conversion process.