Choose iPad mini as a Christmas Gift


iPad mini should be selected as the best Christmas gift to anyone.

Not just a 7.9-inch iPad 2 – Lovely, useful, more entertaining and more fun

iPad mini is with a 7.9-inch screen and it has almost the same features including the same core, display resolution, etc to iPad 2. Therefore, all apps in App store can run successfully and are compatible very well in iPad mini, looks the same in iPad 2. But in a small size.

With a smaller size, iPad mini is so easy to be held with one hand. It is thinner and lighter. Convenient to read emails and read news on the go to work. Quick to take out or put into your handbag, even in your coat’s pocket.


It seems the mini version is designed especially for kids and females, lovely design and light size, how do not love this gadget? Kids can use it for playing games, females can use it to read fashion magazines, log in pinterest update or share images with others anytime, even male users can use iPad mini for business on the go or read newspapers. With more than 250,000 apps from App Store, you can make your life more entertaining and easy to have fun!

Not that expensive – iOS, Apple fans, experience Apple’s amazing and creative product

From 329 USD to 659 USD, you can choose the one that meet your needs. 329 USD is much expensive than other 7-inch tablets, but Apple’s creative and amazing design and iOS system would convince you that iPad mini worth that much.



Compared to iPad 2, iPad 3 or iPad with Retina Display, iPad mini is with basic configuration so the price is much lower that other three iPad modes.

Not with the latest hardware, but perfect enough as the first tablet – thin, smart, light

iPad mini is not assembled with the latest hardware from Apple, but the same ones to iPad 2. That does not matter if you purchase it as a gift to your friend/family, even to yourself. It is a very decent present and make much sense to those who own the first tablet. Even those who own and use iPad 2, would feel iPad mini is a good one to have and do not like to get rid from hand in daily life. Just like a B5 magazine.

iPad mini does not earn much positive comments when it was announced or released for sale. But that does not influence iPad mini is sold in a positive even good way. Apple has to increase its order for Christmas. Would you buy one for this Christmas?

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DVD to iPhone 5 Converter – Watch DVD movies on iPhone 5 Freely

iPhone 5 is one of the best smartphones nowadays. As the sixth generation iPhone, iphone 5 features with more fantastic and amazing features both in design and performance. Apple fans are also thrilled with it very much. It is also listed at the top position as the best technical product in well-known magazines. With a bigger and better screen than previous iPhones, users can have better enjoyment in watching videos with iPhone 5 on the go.


With the much better display, the latest generation iPhone is a fairly perfect choice for us to play HD videos on the go. If you desire to watch DVD movies on iPhone 5, it is a must to let you realize that all DVD videos could not be played on iPhone 5 directly as it does not have a DVD drive to play DVD movies. To make DVD movies playable on iPhone 5, you need to convert DVD to iPhone 5 compatible video formats first. Transfer or synchronize the output video to iPhone via iTunes or related apps, then you can watch your favorite DVD movies with your iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 only supports to tackle videos in MPEG-4, H.264, MOV, M4V and MP4 formats, just need to use a DVD convert to rip DVD movies to those video formats, then movies can be played on iPhone 5 easily. In short, all you need, is an easy-to-use DVD to iPhone 5 Converter, and Any DVD Cloner Platinum is exactly the one you need.

It’s not a big hassle with the help of Any DVD Cloner Platinum released by DVDSmith. It can rip encrypted DVD movies to iPhone 5 supported MP4/MOV/M4V with customized parameters settings in audio, video and picture. It comes with a built-in decrypter and ripper that allow you to remove any copy protections from previously or newly released DVD movies. If you’are using a Mac, the equivalent Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac will give you a hand in ripping DVD movies ot iPhone 5 in Mac OS X (even the latest Mac OS X 10.8 – Mountain Lion included). Now just download the program and follow the easy guide below to convert and transfer DVD movies to iPhone 5 for entertainment.

How to use Any DVD Cloner Platinum to rip DVD movies to iPhone / Step-by-step guide for DVD to iPhone 5 Converter

Convert DVD to iPhone 5 for watching without limits!

Convert DVD to iPhone 5 for watching without limits!

  1. Download and install DVD to iPhone 5 Converter – Any DVD Cloner Platinum (Windows version / Mac version)
  2. Launch DVD to iPhone 5 Converter and insert DVD into DVD drive, click Open DVD to load DVD titles in the program.
  3. Go to DVD Ripper panel, and choose iPhone 5 as output option, you will see MP4 is selected as output format. It means you will get a MP4 video file when the ripping completes. That is the file you need to be transferred or synchronized to iPhone 5 from computer.
  4. Click More Settings to customize audio, video and picture parameters up to your preferences, or just leave all settings as default.
  5. Click Start button to start ripping.
  6. It should take less than 30 minutes to rip a two-hour movie to video with Any DVD Cloner Platinum.
  7. Transfer or synchronize the MP4 file to your iPhone, then you can watch movie video freely with your iPhone 5 on the go.

What else DVD to iPhone 5 Converter – Any DVD Cloner Platinum can do for you?

  1. Decrypt copy protections like CSS, UPOs, etc and remove region code, supports PAL and NTSC DVDs from all over the world
  2. Besides ripping DVD to three different video formats: MP4, M4V and MKV, also enables users to clone or copy DVD on hard drive as DVD Folder, ISO Image File or blank DVD disc
  3. Burn DVD Folder or ISO Image File to blank DVD disc
  4. Shrink DVD9 to DVD5 disc with the same video and audio quality
  5. Advanced customized options: select any chapters or titles, modify audio, video or picture parameters up to your preferences to create perfect output video files
  6. Preview windows is available for playing selected titles before ripping, copying or cloning

iPhone 5 new features

4-inch Retina Display with 1136×640 resolution

A much faster A6 processor

Thinner and lighter design

Longer battery life

Apple’s latest iOS 6 and a much smaller dock connector

DVDSmith Xmas Special Offer for All Programs – 30 USD Is Saved at Most!!!

DVDSmith Christmas Special Offer for all programs

DVDSmith Christmas Special Offer for all programs

DVDSmith 2012 Christmas Special Offer is here for you from now on! Different discounts are provided for EVERY program in DVDSmith website.

Welcome to visit DVDSmith Xmas Offer page right now.

Below are key programs we would like to recommend to you to backup your favorite movie DVDs.

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DVD Cloner + DVD Converter    –>  59.95 USD

By the way, for those customers who purchased our programs, can upgrade their program to higher version with generous discount. Just contact us with your purchasing email address for previous order, then we would provide you a coupon code by return immediately.

From Any DVD Cloner To Any DVD Cloner Platinum :  9.95 USD

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From Any DVD Cloner Express To Any DVD Cloner Platinum19.95 USD

From Any DVD Cloner Platinum to Bundle (Any DVD Cloner Platinum + Any DVD Converter) : 19.95 USD

From Any DVD Cloner for Mac To Any DVD Cloner Platinum for Mac :  9.95 USD

iTunes 11 now is available to download

iTunes 11 is now available to download, you can click here to go Apple website iTunes page.

What’s new?

Since it was told a redesign iTunes, users would expect a lot before downloading and installing iTunes 11.

New Interface

Yes, it is redesigned but you still recognize it is iTunes.

The new interface displays all buttons and features in a simply way. Much more white space is left in the interface, need to click drop-down buttons to list all options. Content comes first. Will get used to the new interface with 10 or 20 minutes, even though we have used iTunes 10 for a couple of years. The iTunes Store has a new design as well, in order to share the same user experience across all devices and operating systems.

iCloud Integration

The most important improvement is a deep integration with iCloud. Users are now able to browse and stream their content much more easily than before. iCloud integration built-in is a much needed improvement for video content as well, as you don’t want to keep gigabytes of HD movies and TV shows on a small SSD.

New Mini Player

The mini-player is redesigned, with the ability to search directly from the small window. You can even manage your “Up Next” queue without opening the app.

Better Search

In addition to being added to the mini player, the search function has been greatly improved as well. It now has a pop-up interface that returns results for artists, albums and songs with album art for each result.

Up Next

You can put tracks in a queue to play after the current track, without building a playlist.

After clicking start button for a track in your library, you may like to play another song next. With iTunes 10, you can either switch back to the application after the current song or build a play list, not that convenient. Now with iTunes 11, you can just queue up the song you had in mind at once after starting the first one. That is much more convenient and no need to get back to iTunes interface again.


Upcoming Any DVD Cloner Platinum version 1.19 will be added more ripping output options and new features

Any DVD Cloner Platinum version 1.18  was just released on last Friday (9th November) with outstanding new features ( introduction of version 1.18 please refer to the last post).


MAC USER? No problem, feel free to download MAC Any DVD Cloner Platinum!

The publisher – DVDSmith Inc. would like to make things even easier and wanna bring the most convenient DVD tool to all customers, therefore, version 1.19 will be released soon in the near future. Where to download it? Above link is always with the latest version, so please go to that downloading page when you are asked to update to the latest version when version 1.19 is released.

As the most important DVD copy software among all DVDSmith DVD cloner software including Any DVD Cloner, Any DVD Cloner Express

(tips: Any DVD Cloner & Any DVD Cloner Express are on weekly-special offer right now, purchase them with the lowest price: 14.95 USD for one since has been established since 2005)

and DVDSmith Movie Backup Freeware, Any DVD Cloner Platinum has all functions that featured with the rest DVD cloner software, plus ripping DVD to three common video formats including MP4, M4V and MKV, so as to enjoy DVD movies on mobile devices anytime and anywhere – make DVD copying and DVD ripping process in the most efficient and convenient way.

More popular output options will be added into the DVD Ripper list: iPad mini, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 will be added in the upcoming version 1.19. Two foreign languages will be included for the program operation languages, too.

Let’s look forward to the amazing Any DVD Cloner Platinum version 1.19!

Google Confirmed The New Interface


Google has just confirmed that all U.S. searchers will soon be getting the new interface — one that highly resembles Google’s mobile search results pages. Options to search verticals like Images, News and Maps are moved from the left-side of the page up above the top search results.

The advanced search tools and filters are available under the “Search tools” option on the right.

Google says it plans to introduce the new interface outside the U.S. to other areas and languages “as soon as we can.”

You may be familiar with this new look if you are a tablet user or a mobile device user. Now desktop is the same to what it looks on mobile devices.

In my opinion, the new look does not change too much, as in fact, Google page is really super simple from the beginning. Changes are about the searching options.

I feel that Search Tool is not very obvious and it is very easy to be missed. On the other hand, I think “Any Time” and ’Any Result” are very important options to get what I search indeed.

As alternative,  I can click web, images or maps in the black bar, but now have the identical option in the new bar between the search box and the search results. It does seem like a needless waste of space that could invite more criticism about pushing results down.

As a staff for a software company, can not ignore the specific item “Applications” . I searched DVDSmith Movie Backup below Application, I can see all downloading websites are showed up for DVDSmith Movie Backup, that is ridiculous convenient. And we know that iOS becoming more and more popular, apps developers can make this as an opportunity for their apps. For example, describe their app with keywords in a better way. Make more people find their apps not only via iTunes.


Google Nexus 10 – an upgrade version of Nexus 7, or more than Nexus 7 with bigger screen?

With the highest resolution, Google Nexus 10 no doubt that will perform amazingly on video or image displaying.  Nexus 10 is the newest tablet from Google. With the world’s highest resolution tablet display, all new multi-user support, immersive HD content and the best Google apps – Nexus 10 has something for everyone.

Google Nexus 10 is not a simple upgrade of Nexus 7 (read tips for ripping DVD movies to Nexus 7 with a few clicks with Any DVD Cloner Platinum) , which was released a few months ago with a seven-inch screen and much lower resolution. Therefore, Nexus 10 is a not only a Nexus 7 with a bigger screen but different in many features.

Key features of Nexus 10:

  • 10.1-inch Super AMOLED display with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution and 298.9 pixels-per-inch
  • 1.7GHz dual-core Samsung Exynos 5250 (Cortex-A15) CPU
  • Mali-T604 GPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage (other options possible)
  • No microSD support
  • 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash
  • Front-facing camera
  • NFC
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual speakers located on front of device
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Following Samsung’s typical style, the Nexus 10’s body is decidedly plastic. Nexus 10 looks and feels fairly ordinary.
  • The upside is that the Nexus 10 is relatively thin and light, two qualities that make a big difference when it comes to tablets. The device is 8.9-mm. thick and 1.33 lbs. For comparison, Apple’s current 10-inch iPad is 9.4-mm. thick and 1.44 lbs.

Compare key features between Nexus 10 and iPad 4, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Samsung Note 10.